A Complete Definition Of Hedging And Its Role In Online Sports Betting

A definition of hedging your bet can better understand the concept and its combination with other bets. It is a plus to gather information on the topic.

Indulging into a professional sports betting scenario, you need to find good strategies. Sports betting is imbibed with different betting types like Asian Handicapped betting, Parlay, Over and Under Mix Parlay, and many more. But in the initial stage, hedging betting strategy helps you gain massive wins. The strategy is simple to learn, specially made for amateur bettors to reduce gambling risk.

What does Hedging your Bet Mean?

Hedging is a sports betting strategy that potential bettors commonly use to guarantee profit. It involves placing the bet on a different betting form than on the one you have wagered. It is the form where a bettor takes the opposite bet of his original one so that they can guarantee the profit to reduce their potential loss. Exercising an appropriate hedge on your bet, you can multiply your winning amount within a few minutes. But experienced gamblers used hedging to many risks in live casino games. Depending on the scenario, approaching the hedging in sports betting to secure profit regardless of the outcome, the ultimate goal is to limit potential losses. So, lets us unearth a few examples of hedging betting strategy in the sports betting field.

Parlay Hedge Bet

Assume you are betting a parlay bet on an NFL match by wagering $100 to get the total winning amount, $3100. But after betting parlay, you may find that you have won up to four matches, and to grab the five, you hedge on the bet. It would risk losing the money because of the 50-50 chances of winning the last but of course, after adjusting the bet size.

Hedging Future Bets

In betting on hedging on future bets, you need to bet on different props. This is where the actual money is booked. Some main props in, which you bet are division conferences, championship winners, and conference winners. These future bets will get the most favorable odds. For instance, if you are betting on the Super Bowl, you will get an opportunity to hedge on future bets before the match starts.

Determine the Moves of the Odds Before Hedging your Bet

Sometimes after the interval of matches, the odds start changing in the second half. This can make you lose the bet you have wagered at the start of a game. Determine the right time when the odds can change and when you can hedge on your existing bet. In that case, you can hedge in a way that limits losses for each playoff game. After hedging on your current bet, you can acquire that as a profitable bet to make a good profit after every hurdle. But betting from Mansion88, you would get the most competitive odds in the market to get better payouts.


Nowadays, hedging has become popular at a massive rate due to its potential to provide at least a minimum profit to the punters. Gamblers would not go empty-handed after hedging on the bets they were first involved in. It reduces the loss factor and guarantees your winning in your favorite match.

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