A Few Things You Should Know About Gambling

Facts are there for everything in the world. Events provide some very you essential and exciting knowledge about something. In the article, we will get to know some critical points about gambling and its history. So let’s begin the journey of this gambling fact with the first one.

#1 A very famous fast food origin is related to gambling.  Can you guess what food it might be? This food is none other than our favorite sandwich. Now you must be thinking about how it is related to gambling. So let me explain to you.

In history, there was a gambler named John Montagu. He was so much addicted to gambling that most of the time, forget about everything while gambling. The addiction was so much more for him that he even avoid eating the foods sometimes when he was so much indulging in gambling. This was not just one or two times but many times. So to avoid this situation, he, with the help of his servant, started taking food like meat and bread. The meat was sandwiched between the loaves of loaves of bread. Here from the sandwich came into existence and became very popular soon.

#2 Did you ever tried to know what might be the logic or relevance between the number of cards, type of cards with time season and other people from history. All the four kings of different suits of the map represent various kings from the past. King of spade represents the king David, King of the club represents Alexander, King of the diamond represents king Charlemagne and the king of heart serves king Julius Caesar. The 52 cards of the deck represent the 52 weeks of a year and joker represents the extra day of a leap year.

#3 Now what will you say if I tell you that gambling can also lead to a great war which lasted not just for one or two days but 18 days. Yes, it is true. According to the tale of Mahabharta, Yudhishthira kept his wife, Draupadi, as a wager in the court while playing a magical dice game there. He was not aware of the magical power of the dice, which was always against him in that game. In this gamble, he lost his wife, and after this, she was humiliated in front of all the courtsmen there. This incident led to the great war of Mahabharta.

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