Is Gaming Legal or Illegal

Every year many people get their fortune made in gambling whereas there are many people who suffer from the outcome of gambling. It affects their life so much adversely sometimes that they do not have a single penny.


Gambling may be anything in which you want to wager some money or goods in the form of stakes.  This game is not limited to playing cards only but in any game or act betting or gambling can be done.

Now let’s find the answer whether the

Gambling is illegal or legal

Answer for this question cannot be given by yes or no only as there are many places where gambling is fully allowed and some places where gaming is fully banned. In some states or cities or countries, some form of gambling is allowed and some forms are not.

Countries where gambling is allowed


In Africa, more than 28 countries have legalized gambling. In these countries, almost all forms of gambling can be done. In Africa, South Africa is considered a major hot spot for all forms of casinos.


In Asia, many gambling is allowed in China, Japan, and India but not 100%. As in China, only betting is allowed on physical sport and all other forms of gambling are banned. In Japan, only casino gambling is allowed that is too not directly as here in land-based gambling people so not use the cash directly as wager but they use bolls only and after winning, the get prizes and tokens which they can encase from someplace out of the parlor.

In India gambling is allowed only in Daman, Goa, and Sikkim. Here Goa is a major hotspot of gambling for tourists. There are 10 gambling spots out of which 6 are on land and the remaining 4 are floating cruise based gambling spots. In other states of India gambling is not legalized though it is played illegally in every state almost.


In Europe, the major hubs of gambling are the UK, Germany, and Spain. In these countries, almost all forms of gambling are operated legally.

In France and Iceland casino is allowed but only on land-based gambling.


All forms of gambling are almost legalized in   Mexico and Canada and in many other countries. But Cuba is still having a ban on it. In the US all states have legalized gambling except Utah and Hawaii.

There are two countries, Brazil and chile, who only allow off-shore casinos and no any other gambling.

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