Top things that distinguish you from a regular average poker player

Here are the signs that show you are a great player at pokerace99. Check out some factors that distinguish the average from the potentially advanced poker pro.

Having a sober self-estimation is always a great sign you will advance progressively and you will take the right direction when you want a change in your gambling experience. Poker players, though, tend to be a bit overrating themselves once in a while. Usually, a poker player considers himself as the smartest gambler in a casino underestimating the traditional slot lovers and roulette enthusiasts. That’s how an average poker player overrates himself often. Hence, we’ve got a couple of signs which show that you are indeed more than just a regular player with poor experience in the field of online poker activity:

  1. You easily recognize when someone’s bluffing. You have a sharp eye for such things and you are even having fun when watching someone’s making huge efforts to try to bluff like a pro.
  2. You have a solid bankroll management system and when you revise it you look like a real accountant in a big financial company. Although you don’t understand so much things about finances and accounting, when it comes to your poker budget, you are like a master in making the calculations.
  3. You don’t have a single poker provider to rely on and you are keen in new websites. You have no doubts to try pokerace99 and you are not scared to appear in a scam. It’s just because you perfectly well know how to recognize a scam from a really good poker website.
  4. You use your bonuses smartly and precisely without missing any of the company’s special offers, but also without underestimating the eventual problems you might meet when dealing with the wager requirements. Basically, you take bonuses, but if some offer looks to you poor and not so profitable you are ready to skip it regardless of the fact it’s labeled as a gift.
  5. You know when to quit a game. When you notice you’ve been passive for the last 15 sessions at a poker table game you just stand out the table. When you understand that it’s a bad game you don’t mind to close your betting provider and come back tomorrow, because you are aware that the qualitative short game is better than killing the boredom with poker for hours without making any profits.

If you recognize yourself in most of these situations you might be indeed a good and more than just an average player. We appreciate your objective self-estimation and we hope soon you will reach even a greater level in your experience.

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