Four Eminent Faces of the Blackjack Game

The blackjack game since the time of its origin during the 17th century has evolved and modernized with the changing times. 


He is one of the greatest blackjack players the game has ever witnessed. He is a rich industrialist and was famously known for play the game when he got bored. He is famously known for winning a hefty bet of 33 million dollars on one night at MGM Grand. He was greatly despised by the casinos during the 1990’s as he could either win or make the casinos go bankrupt overnight. He is famously known for his risks taking capability. One night he lost around 20 million dollars at Casino Bellagio and 19 million dollars in Ritz Casino. However, it never hampered his spirits to play the Blackjack game.


During the 1970s Uston was a renowned and clever blackjack player. He studied Economics at the prestigious Yale University and later became the President of a Pacific Clearing cooperation. He later befriended another skilled player Al Francesco and became the unstoppable duo at the casino. He was a very skilled card counting that once he landed in legal trouble. However, the immensely smart and veteran at the game and won millions of dollars. He later literally resigned his job as the President of the company he was working and played at casinos with an utmost appetite that he became agony for the casino heads.


He is a prodigy Mathematician and the author of the Bestselling book Beat the Dealer. He is legendarily recognized for applying the mathematical rules and approaches to the game of Blackjack. The game was decoded diligently by the approach introduced by him called Card counting which the owners of the casinos detested. He was able to prove that the game of cards could be conquered, if one could understand the underlying patterns mathematically.


He is a famous Mathematics Professor at California University. He has a great love for Maths. However, the Blackjack game intrigued him and he went onto develop statistics regarding the winning chances of the blackjack players vs. casino dealers. He noted that the casino’s had only 2percent chance of taking over the Blackjack game. However, he was inclined more towards the academic side and went onto apply statistics to gambling to change the probability of winning the players.

The blackjack game is a very enthralling game. Its predecessors have left no stone unturned in applying the theoretical aspects of mathematics, to increase the benefits of the players.

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